Apr 4, 2011

New School Year

I haven't blogged for pretty long time.
My new school year has started. I'm gonna have the opening ceremony tomorrow.(5th)
I'm half happy,half nervous to become a senior student.

Today I went to the university to take part in the orientation of the off-campus course.
I've finished registering this year's school timetable. I was planning to take German class,but since I couldn't take it because of other subjects I have to take at high school,I decided to take basic-Chinese class and basic-Chinese Conversation class at the university as off-campus course.
The university I went to was very clean and large. lol  I'm looking forward to studying there.

Today I've received many postcards.
Lately many people write on the postcards that they are praying for us. I'm always impressed by their warm messages. 
One of my Taiwanese Postcards-Pen pals sent me this card.
As you can see,she drew this card by herself. I was deeply impressed by this card. My another postcards-pen pal and his friend also sent me the letter with postcards. Both of them wrote that "(Even though such horrible disasters happened in Japan)Don't worry,anything will be history".
I really thank people who support us. I might have written this kind of thing many times,but I really wanna say thank to you all.

I hope this school year will go well.   Best Wishes from Yokohama to you all!

Mar 14, 2011


Hi there.
Thank you for your supports. I'm still getting lots of messages,wishes,and prayers on and on.
Speaking of a good news,we could finally contact my grandma and relatives :)

I heard that many countries and each person in the world are supporting Japan.
We all Japanese people would like to thank all of you. 

I'm really blessed,there aren't so many problems with lifelines here in Yokohama.
The Power Company says that we gonna have a power cut from about 5pm to 7pm. But that's no problem. There are a lot of people who are suffering and missing.
I'll be pleased to help such people. It's the time that all of Japanese people help each other. We have gotten over a lot of difficulties in our history. I'm sure we'll be able to make it.
I believe Japan has a strong power. Plus,the world are supporting us.
With no doubt,it's invincible.  So please don't worry about us so much :)

Today,I received a lot of posts.
They made me smile :) Thank all of my penpals. And also Thank Japan Post.

So maybe the power cut is about to start. I gotta finish writing this.
Thank you all.

Mar 12, 2011

No problem

Hi there.

I've gotten a lot of warm messages and wishes from all around the world.
My family are okay,there wan't any big damages around my house.

But electricity,gas,and any other lifelines have been stopping in many places of Japan.
I'm really hoping everything will get better.

Thank you so much for your warm wishes. We all are helped by them.

Wish you all have a nice weekend,


Mar 11, 2011

Making timetables

Hi,There! Since I've fallen asleep early last night,I got up very early today.(about 4am) lol
It's been a long time,again. Although this school year's last exams have been over,I still have been busy with making next school year's school timetables.

I'm gonna have 3 language classes at high school next year.English,basic-Spanish,and basic-Chinese.
And my school have the program that we can study something at a university. I'm planning to use  this program.
Yesterday I asked my teacher about it and she showed me the syllabus. I had been worrying which I should take politics class,or the class related language or internationalism. It gave me a headache. Finally I decided to take language class,because I can study about politics at high school and I think it's better to study foreign languages while I'm young.
I decided to apply to the German class. I was puzzled which to choose,French or German,but unfortunately the university doesn't have the French class for beginners.
I heard that German is a pretty difficult language to study. It also seems sounds hard to study 4 languages at the same time. But I love studying foreign languages. I'm pretty exciting :)
Hopefully my making timetables will go well,and the university allows me to take German class.

Feb 26, 2011

Long Time!

I haven't written a new entry for a while... Sorry!
Next week I have exams. It's the last exam week of this school year.
Well,I'll try to do my best.

Lately,of course I've been studying for the exams. On the other hand I also have been keeping studying Spanish everyday even it's very little. I've been trying to memorize at least 5 words each day. My friend sent me the mix CD of her favorite Mexican band called Maná.Listening to their music helps me with Spanish pronunciation a lot. 
I sometimes talk to my grandpa in Spanish. Since he's over 80 years old,he's very forgetful though he still can speak a little Spanish. That was surprising for me.
I've been studying English and Spanish so far. I have many languages I want to study besides them. French,Portuguese,Swahili,Traditional-Chinese etc...
I think I'll study one of them after my English and Spanish will get better :)

Anyway,I'll do my best on my exams!
Wish you have a nice weekend!

Feb 15, 2011

Snowy Day

Hi,There :)
It started snowing since last night. In the morning,the ground was covered with snow. Unfortunately I didn't take the picture of it though it was pretty nice view to see :)
It's not so cold in Yokohama therefore snow isn't like powder here. It's just like shaved ice. I slipped on the road! My pants was drenched and I knocked my hips. I still have a little backache...(=_=;;;)
Although I still love snow so much :)

Yesterday and today,I received many postcards and other things.
The postcards shaped a clay figure is the postcard I sent to myself from Ueno. I always send a postcards to my home when I go traveling. I started to do it ever since one of my penpal told me this idea. It's so much fun and good to make memories.
The yellow package is the book,"Time Traveler's Wife". My English friend sent me this book to me! Its story sounds interesting. After I finish reading another book which I'm reading,I'm gonna start reading this. I can't wait :)

Well,I gotta stop writing because I have a small report I have to write by tomorrow.
Wish you have a nice day :)

This Weekend

Hi there! It's snowing in Yokohama again! How is the weather in your country?

On 12th,Sat,I went to Ueno,Tokyo(東京,上野) with the international trainees and some students in my school,FINALLY!
I had been looking forward to it for pretty a long time. It was a big chance to talk with foreign people and use English and Spanish =)

We decided to meet in front of the famous statue of Takamori Saigo(西郷 隆盛) in Ueno Park.
As soon as we met,my teacher let us introduced ourselves each other. To tell you the truth,I was a little bit nervous and worried if I could communicate with them well at that time. After the introduction,we took a photo together.
The trainees are from Ecuador,Cambodia,Thailand,and China. Other people in this photo are, two are my friends,one is the staff of the training center,and the rest is me.

We went to an Italian restaurant to have lunch at first. On our way to the restaurant,I've just raised my courage and talked to the trainee from Ecuador.
"Mucho gusto!(Nice to meet you) ah...well...¡Estoy estudiando español!(I'm studying Spanish)"
I think I spoke broken Spanish actually. But I was so happy that I could greet him in a little Spanish :) Since he can speak English and a little Japanese,we talked in English,a little Japanese and Spanish.

We ate lunch and went to Ameya-Yokocho(アメヤ横丁),called Ame-Yoko(アメ横) for short.
There are many shops in Ame-Yoko. But we only just went through it,because we were caught up in talking.lol

In Tokyo National Museum,we saw a lot of invaluable exhibits.

I looked around the museum with all of them though I spent most of the time with the trainee from Cambodia. She is a curator of the museum in Cambodia. I found that she was a friend of another trainee from Cambodia who stayed with my family last year.
(The trainee from Ecuador was also a friend of another Ecuadorian trainee who stayed with my family last year)
She told me how the earthenwares made in Japan are great. Since I used to focus on the Japanese history of Azuchi-Momoyama(安土桃山時代) Era to Meiji Era,(明治時代)(about 1570~1912) I didn't know much about the primitive age. I had a difficulty in understanding what she said because of my poor English skill,but her explanation was very interesting.
I thought I should study about history again. I really need to know more and MORE about Japan.

Well,I have too many things I want to write :P All I can say is this cultural exchange event was absolute worthwhile experience.
All of the trainees were very kind and lots of fun to talk. Only one day isn't enough. The sad thing is we may will meet at their farewell party next. It's too early to say Good-Bye.

I wish I could speak English better. Then we could talk and understand each other more. How can I practice communication in English...?? If you have any good ideas,please let me know!
Anyway,I had very nice time!
I want to thank all of trainees,the staff,and my friends. I'm hoping to get a such chance again.

Wish you have a nice week :)